Primary School TOPICS

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Bouncing Back: learning to be resilient (lower, mid & upper primary)

Equips students with coping strategies to deal with the various challenges they experience, both big and small. The workshop aims to provide practical tools that can encourage a growth mindset, skills to problem-solve, have gratitude, seek help where necessary and be proactive in helping others.

Bully Proof: anti-bullying strategies for school & online (lower, mid & upper primary)

Provides evidence-based information on bullying including why it occurs, cyber-bullying, the role of bystanders and practical strategies that prevent bullying. The workshop equips students with tools to understand the causes of bullying and being proactive in how to respond and seek support. 

Great Mates: developing friendship skills (lower, mid & upper primary)

Equips students to be confident with who they are and provides tools to initiate, create and maintain good friendships that are caring, empathic and trusting. We discuss what makes a good friendship and practical ways in which students can implement these skills in their school and everyday life.

Operation Empathy: community & teamwork (lower, mid & upper primary) 

Focuses on being part of a community and how we can cooperate, communicate, appreciate, support others and thrive as part of a team. The workshop helps students to enact empathy by thinking about putting themselves in someone else’s situation and taking positive actions that create a stronger community.

Drugs & Alcohol: making healthy choices (mid to upper primary)

Equips students to develop an understanding of why drugs and alcohol exist, raising safety measures, the potential harm it can cause and issues of peer-pressure and decision-making. The workshop provides students with tools for making good choices, identifying supports and how choices impact their future.

Cyber Savvy: being smart online (mid to upper primary)         

Explores issues surrounding the use of technology including cyber-bullying, social networking and the addictive nature of it. This incursion explores the positive and negative effects of technology and equips students with practical tools to be cyber-safe and with a healthy balance.

Hit the Ground Running: transition to secondary school (upper primary)

Seeks to equip students with the confidence to make a smooth transition to secondary school with practical advice. We address issues such as what high school is like, organisational skills, making friends, cyber-bullying, decision-making, peer pressure and the importance of having goals. 

Lead the Way: developing leadership skills (upper primary)   

Examines what leadership is and practical skills to become better leaders. We explore communication skills, trust, role-models, teamwork, empathy and how to make a positive difference. Equips students to extend their own skills and the consider the responsibility they play as a leader in their school and beyond.



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Primary School Seminar Info

  • Primary school seminars may include a single year level, mixed year levels or even a whole school, depending on the number of students.
  • The ideal number of students per seminar is up to 100 students per session - we are happy to adapt to a bigger or smaller group.
  • Each session involves a variety of input including multimedia, stories, music, video, and games.
  • All presenters have a WWCC and we have public liability insurance, OH&S policies and adhere to all the Child Safe Standards
  • The recommended duration of seminars are:
      * 45minutes (for grade prep.)
      * 60minutes (for grades 1 to 3)
      * 90minutes (for grades 4 to 6)


For the Seminar

All audio-visual equipment.

For Teachers

Seminar follow-up booklet(s) including lesson plans and student worksheets.


  • Costs are calculated on several variables including location and number of seminars, etc. Call or email us for a quick quote.
  • Cancellations: 21 or more days prior to the date incur a 10% administration fee. Less than 21 days receive no refund or you may choose to transfer to another date, subject to availability.

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