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Community Matters: friendship, belonging & building community (for Years 7 to 9)

Exploring issues of self-worth, peer pressure, resilience, communication, friendship and encouraging students to take ownership of creating a community that values inclusion and belonging. Increases students' awareness of social isolation and promotes being proactive in seeking healthy friendships.

Bully Proof: anti-bullying strategies for school & online (for Years 7 to 10)

Provides evidence-based information including why bullying occurs, cyber-safety, the role of bystanders and practical strategies that prevent bullying. The workshop equips students with tools to understand the causes of bullying and being proactive in creating a safe environment, how to respond and seek support. 

Resilience: practical tools for bouncing back (for Years 7 to 12)

This seminar takes a positive and constructive approach to equipping students that may experience stress, anxiety, grief, anger, depression and other difficult emotions. It also provides practical tools that can help students seek help, be proactive in helping others and become more resilient.

Plugged In: cyber safety and social networking (for Years 7 to 12)

Focuses on issues including cyber-bullying, social networking, and having a healthy understanding of technology usage. The workshop identifies and explores practical ways in which students can safely use technology and develop a framework in which they can build strong on and off-line connections.

Drugs & Alcohol: making positive choices (for Years 7 to 12)

Examines how drugs (and alcohol) impacts the individual & community, and how to make healthy choices. We explore why people use drugs, the effects on the human body and teenage brain, the addiction cycle and protective factors for young people (including the need for community, delaying gratification and having goals in life).

Lead the Way: developing leadership skills (for Years 7 to 12)

Examines what leadership is and practical skills to become better leaders. We explore communication skills, trust, role-models, teamwork, empathy and how to make a positive difference. Equips students to extend their own skills and the consider the responsibility they play as a leader in their school and beyond.  

Man Up?: pathways to positive masculinity (for Years 7 to 12)

Examines the messages that young men receive about what manhood means and to encourage a positive outward-focused version to live by. The incursion discusses issues such as growing their character, responsibility, role models, rites-of-passage, how they view and engage with females & how they contribute to their community.

More than Skin Deep: pathways to positive self-worth for young women (for Years 7 to 12)

Explores issues such as positive self-worth, role-models, negative expectations from others (such as unattainable body image) and confident communication. The workshop aims to encouage affirmative rites-of-passage to adulthood, developing their character traits and considering their priorities for now and the future.

Things that Matter Most: pathways to resilience, setting goals & finding purpose (for Years 8 to 12)

Provides students to develop their priorities in life by examining their ability to make choices, be resilient, grow their skillset, and cultivate what they are passionate about. The workshop encourages students to identify goals and then practical strategies to achieve their purpose and direction in life.

Your Score & More: excelling in high school & beyond (for Years 10 to 12)

Encourages students to apply their best efforts, study well, have resilience and keep perspective during the times of pressure. The workshop aims to give practical tools to succeed academically in the short-term and encourage students to think about their long-term goals that can provide resilience and purpose.


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Secondary School Seminar Info

  • Secondary school seminars may include a single year level, mixed year levels or even a whole school, depending on the number of students.
  • We cater for small, medium and large groups - we prefer group sizes to be under 150 per session but are happy to adapt for a larger or smaller group.
  • All presenters have a WWCC and we have public liability insurance, OH&S policies and adhere to all the Child Safe Standards
  • Session duration is adapted to your timetable - we recommend between 45 to 90 minutes.
  • Options include: a single session; a half-day (two sessions), or a full day (e.g. three or more sessions).


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